Virginia VA rain gutter cleaning, repair and installation services

The state of Virginia is situated in the southeastern USA and capital city is Richmond. The climate and geography of the state is ruled by the Chesapeake Bay and Blue Ridge Mountains. With higher heat and humid weather in the east and south, the coastal weather including storms and hurricanes are more pronounced near the Chesapeake Bay.

When it rains or snows, the melting snow and slush can wreak havoc with your home. And that is why it is important to have clean gutters.

Gutters are placed on the homes to channel the water away from the foundation and they are very important in protecting the integrity of your home. Once installed, gutters need to be kept free of holes, sags, and free of clogs. Common gutter problems can be fixed by homeowners. Here are the most common gutter problems that homeowners are running into but can be prevented or repaired.

Clogged Gutters

The most common problem with gutters is clogging. If gutters are not maintained they will become clogged with debris such as leaves and twigs. Water that is allowed to puddle and stand in the gutters for a long period of time will eventually lead to sagging of the gutters and pulling away from the fascia. It is important that gutters are cleaned at least one time a year but can be cleaned up to four times a year; preferably at every change of season.

You can clean the gutters yourself if you are comfortable with climbing up on a ladder and don’t mind getting a little dirty, you shouldn’t have any problem, unless your home is tall. Once you remove the muck trapped inside the gutters, you will want to flush them using a garden hose. If you hire a professional to do this task for you, the charge will run between $50 and $250, this will depend on the size of the home.

Sagging Gutters and Gutters Pulling Away from the House

Normally, this problem occurs with the hangers, or the hardware that holds the gutters to the fascia. Over time, they can deteriorate and work loose out of the wood and unable to hold the weight of a gutter that is full. If you fix this yourself, the cost can be fairly cheap because hangers run about ten dollars or less per piece. The fasteners are around one dollar.

Leaks and Holes

Gutter joints that are leaking can be caulked around the join in order to seal it up from the inside. A special gutter sealant can be the product of choice. If the holes are small, they can be filled with gutter sealant, however if the holes are large, they will most likely require a patch which can be purchased at the local hardware store. The patch is normally made from metal flashing.

Improperly Pitched Gutters

Gutters need to be pitched toward downspouts in order for the water to flow easily. You will need to leave at least one quarter inch of slope for every ten feet. You will need to go up the ladder after a rainstorm and check the gutters to see if any of the water is standing. If so, the gutters are not pitched properly. There is no need to be any water standing.

To correct a poor pitch, you will need to first measure from the peak to the downspout and then snap a chalk line in order to find the spots that the gutter is out of alignment at. If it’s not too bad, you may be able to push it back up into place by bending the hanger. However, if this doesn’t solve the issue, you will most likely need to take out the section and rehang it. If you are using seamless guttering, you need to call the company that installed it for you.

When you need any of repair services or new gutter installation, it is important to work with a licensed and insured company such as Gutters & Windows. We have the skill, experience and manpower to do it right at the most affordable prices. Call us today and know more about our services.