North Carolina NC rain gutter cleaning, repair and installation services

North Carolina is situated in the southeast region of United States. It shares the borders with South Carolina to the south, Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the north, West Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean borders on the east. The climate in North Carolina depends mainly on the Atlantic Ocean but is mostly humid subtropical. According to the area of the state, North Carolina ranks as the 28th while it is densely populated and is ranked as the 9th state.

Affordable Residential Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning the windows is one of those chores that most people do not enjoy. It’s time consuming, it’s back breaking, and it’s almost impossible to get the windows streak free. Even on the sunniest spring day, getting the ladder out can be grueling. To wash windows in your home, you will find yourself moving furniture, climbing, scrubbing, and using the squeegee repetitively. Before you know it, you have spent an entire day cleaning windows only to go inside and find that they are left with streaks.

Professional window cleaning is more affordable than you think. While most people clean their own windows because they don’t want to pay a professional, they don’t realize the time and effort they have in it themselves. If you are looking for a professional North Carolina window cleaning company, here are a few tips to help you hire the right service for the job.

  • Look professional: Most professionals will wear a uniform or at least wear a name tag so you can identify them when they arrive.
  • Customer service: Are they quick to answer the phone or return calls? A professional in the window cleaning business will work hard to keep their customers happy and that means answering the phones when possible.
  • Bonded and licensed: Are they bonded and Insured? While you hope this is not going to be an issue, you want to be protected in case. A business that is insured and bonded will most likely be respectful of others property as will their staff. When a company is bonded, it means that they provide coverage should one of their employees remove something from a customer’s home or business without permission.
  • Insured: Insurance coverage can include general liability which covers for any damages done to a home or business or workers compensation should one of the employers become injured while cleaning your windows. If you own a business and have worker’s comp insurance, you may need to provide coverage for the window cleaner as well.
  • OSHA regulations: Following OSHA regulations is also important. This means that they will use the best window cleaning solutions that are up to safety standards. Always inquire about what cleaning products are used.
  • Safety training: Is the staff trained in safety? You want to know if they are climbing around on your home if they know how to do it with safety in mind. With the proper safety training, you will avoid any accidents occurring on your property.

Last but not least, you will want to know if the employees or individuals working at your home have passed a background check as well as a drug test. Sometimes, professional window cleaners will hire independent contractors or day laborers in order to reduce the cost of running their business and to meet a demanding schedule. These workers will perform the job duties as assigned but where does the responsibility lie if there is a problem?

That is why working with Gutters & Windows is easy. Not only do we have own staff but each of them is trained, experienced and licensed. We are one of the top companies and offer quality service at the most cost effective prices.