Montgomery AL rain gutter cleaning, repair and installation services

The city of Montgomery is the 115th largest city in USA. Located within the state of Alabama, it is the second largest in the state after Birmingham. It has humid tropical weather with mild winters, warm autumn and humid summers.  With the rains and the occasional storms, leaves and debris has a chance of blocking the gutters.

Typical Gutter Jobs and Repairs

Whether you have a small cottage in the woods or a mansion on the top of the highest mountain, a home needs to have a sound gutter system attached in order to prevent rotting of the structure and pooling water which can be dangerous. Gutters need to be protected and maintained throughout the years and to do that you will need to ensure that the gutters are free of clogging and leaks.


When debris such as pine needles, leaves and twigs are blowing about, you can bet that some are going to end up on the roof which will then get pushed down to the gutters when the wind or rain carries them. When more than one lands in the gutters, they tend to pile up causing the water to back up and then come the problems.

  • Pests are also a common problem with gutters as they can fall into the gutters or build nests in them and when it rains or weathers, they can get caught up and everything is washed through the gutter system until it piles us.
  • Clogs in the gutters prevent the melting snow and rainwater from moving to the downspout. When the water backs up, it can cause damage to the shingles, the fascia, the soffits, as well as the roof. The water can also cause mood growth.

Clogging can allow the water to come over the gutters and directly to your foundation. Over time, this rain and moisture can cause the foundation to weaken and the ground around the foundation can give away and erode. Constant moisture can cause moods to grow as well. The gutter experts at Gutters & Windows are specialists and understand all aspects of gutter repair in Alabama. You can call us and get a professional job done at the most affordable prices.

You can reduce the chances of clogging occurring by cleaning the gutters on a regular schedule. You should schedule an inspection about every four months so you can check for clogs and if you find on, you will need to clear it. You can let this go for up to six months but no longer. If you can’t get the gutters cleaned and inspected too often, you may want to consider buying gutter guards to ensure that minimal debris can enter the gutters in between inspections.


There are plenty of aspects that can lead the gutters to leak, corrosion being one of the biggest factors. Falling branches can also cause damage to the gutters and sharp tools while doing home repairs. If a leak is discovered, it’s important that you fix it as quickly as you possibly can in order to stop any further damage from occurring.

Leaks are not hard to fix. All you need is a plastic scraper, tube of cement for roofing, , putty knife, wire brush, and a patch of metal will be all you need. First, clean the debris out with a gutter scoop. Scrub the area where the leak has happened. Third, if you see any rust around the cracks or hole, use tin snips and cut it out. Use the roofing cement around the hole and feather it out in order to flatten it so it is even and not peaked.  Last, bend the patch of metal so that it fits the gutter. Seal the edges using the cement meant for the roof. This will feather the gutter edges so that water can flow away easily. The patch that you use will need to be made from the same material that your gutters are made of so there won’t be a reaction to an unknown metal.