Mobile AL rain gutter cleaning, repair and installation services

Located in the state of Alabama, the city of Mobile is the largest municipality located on the Gulf Coast. It is situated between Louisiana, New Orleans and St. Petersburg, Florida. Mobile is known to be Alabama’s only salt water port and is located at the head of the Mobile Bay as well as the north central Gulf Coast. The climate in Mobile is a mild subtropical which leaves this location hot in the summers but mild and mostly rainy in the wintertime.

Many homeowners may be considering a good gutter cleaning schedule at least once a year. They may also assume that this task is fairly simple and decide to do this on their own. However, getting started into the project may deem otherwise. A professional gutter cleaning specialist may be all that you need in maintaining the gutters that are currently on your home.

It’s important that the outside of your home looks great at all times and a clean gutter system can protect your home’s exterior for years to come. The main goal for a gutter system is to keep the water moving away from the foundation of your home and the downspouts can do just that. The gutters will move all the debris, including leaves down to the downspout which will then carry this debris out. If you are unable to do it, call in Gutters & Windows, the specialists in window and gutter cleaning in Alabama.

Gutter Material Types

Gutters are made from several different materials today, each having their own advantages and disadvantages too. Before you go out and buy a gutter system to replace your old one or to put on new, you will need to determine which one is right for you based on the appearance and the materials used

Vinyl is a popular material used to make gutters. It is lightweight and is available in a variety of colors. They normally don’t cost a lot to purchase and are easy to install, both of these are very important to homeowners making them the most popular choice in gutter system. The bad thing about the vinyl gutter systems are that they are more likely to leak around the joints than any other system. They won’t last too long either due to the UV Ray’s that tend to crack the vinyl and make it brittle. A ten foot section will run you around $4.00.

Aluminum gutters is another choice for homeowners. This type of guttering is more expensive than the vinyl but it does last longer. The aluminum makes it light in weight so they are easy to hold into place and install with less chance of corrosion over time. The aluminum bends very easy, which is not good if you live in a location that gets a lot of snow. A ten foot section of aluminum guttering will cost about $20.00

Wood gutters have been around for a long time and look great for a rural look to your home. Victorian homes frequently use this type of guttering. The wood chosen is usually cedar and are normally pest-resistant. There is a lot of maintenance required for this type of guttering in order to prevent rot. A ten foot section will normally run at $125.00 to $200.00. The price depends on the shape and the contour of the gutter needed.

Steel guttering is a more reliable choice in gutters if you live in a location that experiences heavy rain because these gutters will not rust if they are kept clean. Steel is heavier than both vinyl and aluminum. if you are installing steel guttering yourself, you will most likely need some assistance due to the weight. A ten foot section will run about $7.00.

Copper guttering is a beautiful alternative to guttering systems. Copper is the most expensive option and if it is sealed, the bright color will remain. You can also create a vintage look in your home using copper guttering. You may need to solder the joints and seams to create a seal. A ten foot section will run between $75.00 and $120.00. The price will depend on the shape and the contour of the gutter.