Eagle River AK residential window cleaning/replacement services & commercial pressure washing

Eagle River is a large community located in the Municipality of Anchorage in Alaska. It is situated on the Eagle River close to the Chugach Mountains. The average temperature in this area of Alaska ranges from 6 to 20 degrees in January, 50 to 70 degrees in summer. The annual precipitation is about 16 inches with almost 70 inches of snowfall. The largest portion of that snow comes down between the middle of October and December. January through April has the least amount. Thus, you need to be always prepared for snow and the rains.

Window Cleaning in Alaska

If you live in Alaska, it’s common for homeowners to clean their windows at least two times each year in order to remove the dirt and dust that travels through the air with the change of seasons. Unfortunately, cleaning your windows is most likely not on your To-Do list any time soon. It’s nearly impossible to keep your windows clean all year long in between cleanings. So to improve the chances of your windows staying clean, here are a few tips to assist.

Consider the Type of Window

There are different types of cleaning methods and solutions available for windows in your home. You can use the same cleaning method for those with multiple window panes and picture windows. The same tools are available for picture windows as well. When you use certain tools, you are most likely going to have a streak free window in the end.

You need to start off with a long cloth that will loosen all the dirt that is stuck to the window. Next, use a simple mixture of foamy water. If you have several window panes, you will want to use a squeegee to clean them correctly. Squeegees come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the right one for your sized windows. Dish washing liquid will do just fine for the soap. It works better when combined with warm water.

Like any other household activity, you will need to prepare for this type of chore. You need to gather all your tools first and then start the job. Using your squeegee, you can transform those dusty windows in to a new and improved window.

Complete the Cleaning Process

Cleaning windows with basic soap and water will do most of the windows in your home. If you don’t clean the windows and allow dirt to compact on top of each other, the dust will eventually cut through the crevices and pores found inside the glass, etching it a permanent home.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

After the windows are cleaned completely, you will want to ensure that the windows are in good shape and the frame is in the best shape possible. If you notice that the frame is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it will weaken the entire window system and cause the weather to find its way in. When you hire professionals like those at Gutters & Windows, to clean your windows, they can inspect your frame and the window as a whole unit to determine if the window is in good shape or in need of replacement. It is not always easy to hire a professional Alaska window cleaning service to clean our windows, but it is worth the effort.

At our company, we have an extensive network of gutter experts and they can be sent over immediately if there is an emergency. Additionally, you can always schedule an appointment with us, for evaluating your requirements.