Quotes On Window And Gutter Cleaning


Pricing a professional to clean your gutters may seem like a struggle but it can be done. Some factors that can affect the prices you will pay for window and gutter cleaning includes what time of year you are requesting service, how often you are having your windows cleaned and how many windows you have in your home.

Your gutters should be cleaned out twice a year if you have a lot of trees around your home. When you have your windows and gutters cleaned by a professional, you will find that their quotes are certainly worth the efforts because they can be so much work.  If left untreated, water can clog up the gutter and cost you more money than you could imagine. Gutter cleaning quotes will depend on the following factors:

  • Is your home a single story home? A typical single story home that measures about 1,500 square feet can run you between $130 and $205.
  • Is your home a two story home? Most two story homes on average measure out to be 2,500 square feet which can cost between $145 and $240.
  • Is your home a three story home? If you have a basement then you will need to count the basement as a level that needs to be cleaned. This can cost between $250 and $450, and sometimes more.

Cleaning Windows

A professional that is hired to clean windows is going to do a good job. At Gutters and Windows, we give our customers an estimate that is fair. We consider how much work is involved before we give you a quote. All jobs are quoted with a price that is based on an hourly rate. There are discount packages that can be added on, if you need more than one service. The average cost of our quoted hourly rate can depend on factors such as:

  • How much glass is required to be cleaned
  • When was your last cleaning?
  • What type of blind do you have? Do you have Louver blinds or Colonial Glass?
  • How many stories’ is your home?
  • Do you need furniture moved during cleaning?
  • Are the fly screens/ security screens extremely dusty?

With over a decade of experience in working on all sized homes and buildings, Gutters & Windows is a completely ethical company, with strong adherence to state laws. We customize the cleaning packages based on the individual requirements and ensure that our customers are happy.

Pricing can be Determined Individually

Every quote on window and gutter cleaning has a price consideration that will include many factors. It’s important to have variables so you can adjust the cost that you pay out accordingly. It’s a fair way to get your windows cleaned or your gutters cleaned without worrying about overpricing. Special equipment like extension poles being used or how much water spots are on the window to remove will ultimately be considered when receiving a quote.

Rates of Window Cleaning


One of the toughest jobs a homeowner has is cleaning windows inside and out. Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year but due to the complexity, windows are usually cleaned once a year instead. You can ease your pain and agony of doing it yourself and hire a professional to do it for you. With a professional that has a reputation of being dependable, honest, and always doing a good job, you can rest while your windows get squeegee clean.

If you try to clean your windows on a second or third floor, you may not realize just how dangerous this can be. From where you set your ladder to securing yourself for the height, there are many ways window cleaning up high can go wrong. While window cleaning by a Gutters & Windows professional is going to be an added expense, it may be one that you can’t afford not to do. We are a licensed and insured service that ensures that our client’s requirements are met completely.

It’s safe to say that a general window cleaning can cost around $200 with a smaller home and up to $400 for larger homes. There are several factors that can affect the average price you will pay, which includes:

  • Indoor window cleaning will depend on the types of blinds you use. Metal mini blinds can be removed from their brackets and taken out for pressure washing and soaked in order to remove grime and dirt that may not come off with a simple swipe.
  • Silky Roman shades and window blinds can also be removed from the window however they will need to be dry cleaned by a professional that specializes in this type of fabric.
  • Window coverings that are not fabric, such as plastic shades, can simply be soaked in bleach water for a while and then washed.
  • Fabric treatments that do not have a definite shape can be thrown in the washer to wash however, depending on the material, you may elect to dry clean them and have them pressed instead. This will prevent any shrinking.
  • The number of windows in your home will be a determining factor as to the cost. The more windows you have to clean, the more your total will be.
  • Every professional has their own way of charging a customer. Some charge by the panes in the window while others charge by the square footage of your house.
  • Screens are an option that most professionals will consider cleaning for you. Screens can collect dust that will accumulate over time.

Tracks and Sills of the Windows

The sills and tracks can be filled with dead bugs, dust, and other debris over time. A professional cleaning your window will also offer you the option to clean your tracks and sills too. Our professionals ensure that we leave your windows clean, absolutely clean.

Mineral deposits

Mineral deposits that accumulate on your windows over time can make it difficult to get the window cleaned with simple over the counter window formula. Our professional will be able to clean the windows and handle the complete process for you.

Prices of Window and Gutter Cleaning


Every homeowner should clean their gutters and windows on a regular basis as part of their household maintenance. This type of cleaning is most often a job that should be considered twice a year however, you could get by with once a year if you needed to. If you have trees around your home, you may need to clean the gutters at least twice a year.

When you hire a professional company like Gutters & Windows to clean your windows or gutters, you can rest assured knowing that we have the experience needed to work on the ladder, taking away the pain and headache that you would endure if you had to do it yourself. A professional has the reputation needed to safely do the job in the right way, using the right tools. It could cost close to $150 to hire a professional to do the work for you.

Factors that can Alter the Cost

There are a few factors that can determine how much you will pay for window cleaning. A single home that gets their window cleaned on a regular basis can pay approximately $60 per cleaning. However a home that has more than one level could expect to pay around $325 for cleaning.  Other factors include:

  • The height of your home is going to play a role in the price. The higher the windows, the more it will cost.
  • For gutters, the size of the gutters is going to determine the cost. The size is determined by the linear feet of gutters per square foot of your home.  Again, the larger your home is, the more it will cost you.
  • The condition that your gutter is in will play an important role. If your gutters have a lot of debris, you can expect to pay more for cleaning them. Debris will need to be cleaned by the professionals.
  • Extras that can be completed when your gutters are cleaned include tightening up the fasteners, reselling the end caps and outlets, or installing gutter covers.

Installing Downspouts

Downspouts that need to be cleaned when the gutters are cleaned can cost you more money because they take up more time to do and they are very important in a clean gutter system.

Discounts to Consider

There are always ways to save money and a few of those ways includes being a repeat customer and scheduling a gutter cleaning during off seasons. You don’t want to flood your yard when you are cleaning your gutter or you could cause damage to the foundation of your home or your roof. With too much pressure, you could even tear off the gutters currently on your home due to the debris that is already lodged. Cleaning your gutters is cheaper than replacing them so you want to do it right and that is why its’ important to leave it to the professionals.

Window Washing


Using a professional window washing services offers you many benefits. Clean windows will keep the harsh weather out and let the light shine through. If your view from your window is beautiful, you will have more reason to look outside. Dirty windows can discourage you from looking out the window. When you use professional window washing services, you increase the life of your windows which can preserve your home even longer.

Over time, glass can diminish and weaken the panes but when you have your windows cleaned by a professional, you will be more aware of when your window panes are deteriorating and replace them as needed.  There are many contaminates that can wreak havoc on the glass and while this doesn’t happen overnight, it can be the reason why your panes are cracking or breaking easily. These factors include:

  • Sunlight
  • Acid rain
  • Sea spray
  • Hard minerals that are sprinkled on the window by a sprinkler system
  • Other sprays such as silicone, mortar, paint, and more

The most common threats to glass windows are the hard water and mineral deposits. This is why it’s important to have your windows cleaned professionally. When water runs off of services that are prefabricated, such as painted siding or wood stain, these mineral deposits will leave the surface and run down the glass over time. This can make it difficult to clean the window properly yourself, without the professional window washing that is recommended at least two times a year.

Window washing done by professionals is not always the cheapest way to clean the windows but, you will receive courteous professional service when you hire the professionals. Some services offered by professionals include:

  • Routine window washing and cleaning: When you clean your windows on a timely routine, you are able to protect your window and extend the life. Removing the dirt, dust, and other elements that can harm the windows over time can justify the expense.
  • Washing the window professional yields better results than if you tried to do it yourself. Using specially formulated window cleaner that can’t be purchased at any store will give the professionals an advantage to cleaning. If your windows are very dirty, you may spend an entire day doing something that professionals can do in a matter of a couple of hours.
  • Professional window cleaners can offer more affordable options when it comes to window cleaning. Depending on the services you choose, your cleaning can cost a minimal amount of money and the results will last. Professionals arrive with the proper equipment needed to clean windows. If you try and do it yourself, you may find that you don’t have everything you will need. If you don’t have a ladder, you may have to borrow one or even purchase one, costing you more money and having to hurry up to return the ladder before the end of the day. This will affect the results of your window cleaning.
  • Hiring a professional saves you time. You have a lot to accomplish in a day so it’s only fair that you hire a professional to help when you can.
  • Additional services can be offered when you hire a professional. Services such as pressure washing, house washing, gutter cleaning, roof spraying, drapery cleaning on site, painting your home, or home repairs and snow removal are just a few of the services that professional window cleaners may offer.
  • If your home has more than one level to it, you may want to consider how dangerous it can be to clean your windows. Accidents happen all the time. Our professionals know how to safely clean your windows and use the equipment they are trained to use.

Cleaning Windows in Your Home


Professional window cleaners can come to your home in a vehicle with the company name on the outside to clean your windows. It’s important to make sure that they will have a place to park within thirty meters of your property in order to work efficiently. Once the professionals arrive, they will begin to examine the complete property and determine what the best plan would be for your home.

If you have more than one floor in your home, our professionals will use a water fed pole that will be able to go up to four stories to clean the windows professionally. No detergents are used to clean your home and purified water is used over any other water. While cleaning the windows, the sills and frames are also cleaned too.

Every client is different and there is not repetitive system used instead, our professionals adjust the cleaning system to fit the needs of the homeowner. For cleaning windows in your home, there are flexible packages to choose from and all different price range to fit the needs of the homeowner’s budget. We offer both inside and outside window cleaning and screen cleaning. In addition to cleaning, we also offer a protective sealant to preserve the window. We also offer a special “a la carte” package that includes skylights, solar tubes, screen porch panels, mirrors, light and ceiling fixtures, and hard to reach places. If you need help changing storm and screens in the fall or springtime, we can help with that too.

Affordable and Effective Services

Most of our customers look for the most affordable way to cleaning windows in your home. However, it’s important that you don’t choose a company just because they are the most affordable. This way of choosing a cleaning service normally results in dissatisfaction after the services are complete. When you hire a good company to clean your windows, they will have a pricing structure that will fit into any budget. They will have a reliable reputation and provide a free estimate so you know what you are getting up front.

It’s important to have your windows cleaned professionally for so many reasons. Clean windows can enhance the appeal of your home and let the natural light shine through for a greener effect for your home. This result in less power needed to light your home and more warmth in your home. In addition to that, window cleaning can help the window to last longer.

Scheduling is Convenient

When you hire one of our professionals, you are receiving quality guaranteed work that will last longer and improve your home. It’s not easy for cleaning windows in your home, and can even be dangerous, especially if you have more than one story to clean. Cleaning services that we offer is a safe and affordable option. Everyone is busy these days and we respect our clients’ schedules. We can book your cleaning based on what works for you. We will even send you a reminder when your appointment is coming up so you don’t forget.

Window And Gutter Cleaning


Have you been looking for window and gutter cleaning services? Maintaining a home takes a lot of attention to detail and precautions to ensure safety of the building.

Need for Gutter Cleaning

Rain can create havoc with the foundation and walls, if the gutters are not clean. Basically, gutters serve two purposes-to help your home look nice and clean and it also protects your home. The main purpose for having gutters to direct the water run-off from the roof to somewhere away from your home in order to prevent any flooding from occurring in the basement or from being absorbed into the walls in your home. If gutters are not cared for, they can back up and look more like an eye sore than an essence in your home, not to mention the damage they can cause to your home.

Save on Repairs Later

With proper gutter cleaning, you can maintain the value of your home and avoid making costly repairs in the future. It’s always a good idea to perform gutter cleaning at least two times a year, more if you have trees close by or falling debris in your area. You should always prepare to clean the gutters once in the spring after all the rain and snow from the winter and again in the fall to prepare for all the snowfall that is likely to occur through spring.

At Gutters & Windows, we perform the window and gutter cleaning by hand to ensure that all debris is removed and your windows and gutters are left spotless and clean. In addition, we take the time to bag up the debris removed from the gutters. Finally, we flush out the downspouts with pressured water to ensure that gutters are cleaned completely with no sign of clogging.

When gutters are extremely clogged, damage can occur. When this happens, professionals can also repair the gutters to work efficiently for you. They inspect the gutters while cleaning and if they find damage, they will first notify you of the damage and provide you with an estimate for repair. Most minor repairs can be performed as they clean. If damage is more extent, a return appointment can be scheduled. Damage to gutters can cause further damage when left alone. Gutters are extremely important to a home and gutter repairs need to be take care of as soon as possible.

Cleaning Windows

When it is about getting maximum natural light and sunlight, clean windows are a must. Professional window cleaners clean windows by hand using squeegees and cotton cloths. This allows them to do a good job and leave your windows streak free. The professional window cleaners will come to your home with all necessary equipment based on the type of windows you have in your home. Windows should be cleaned in both inside and outside in the fall and again within six or seven months. Cleaning only the outside windows does not help but both sides of the panes need to be cleaned.

Window washing can begin immediately because there is no wrong time to have your windows cleaned. Most customers wonder if cleaning the windows will be a waste of time once it rains or even during the winter months but rain will not have any effect on the windows. Things that do affect the clarity of windows include dirt, dust, leaves, grass, and pollen, to name a few. Rain will remove the particles from the window however it will also leave a rain drop pattern behind when it dries.

Our Window Cleaning Method

We’ve been working on updating a bathroom and ordered some mirrors. While the glass guys were here installing the mirror, my husband, Randy, got to chatting with them about how their business was going. During their conversation he happened to ask them what they use for cleaning glass. They shared a simple recipe for what they’ve found to work. They swore by it. We had already tried just using a simple combination of vinegar and water, but they learned a trick from a commercial window cleaner: add a little dish detergent to the vinegar/water mixture. Really? That simple? It was new to us, and it sounded much too easy.

So we tried it (or should I say Randy tried it) over the weekend. Randy set out just to test a few windows and the next thing I knew he had worked clear around the house, and was already working on some of the upstairs windows as well. There was an immediate difference, and so much easier than what we had tried in the past.