Birmingham AL rain gutter cleaning, repair and installation services

Located in the state of Alabama, Birmingham is the county seat located in Jefferson County. The climate in Birmingham is humid subtropical; hot summers and mild winters. There are frequent rainfalls in Birmingham as well. This state is well known for severe thunderstorms that can also produce tornados that can do damage.

Gutter Styles

When considering guttering for your home in Alabama, you will need to consider the different types of gutters that are available to home and business owners. Gutter styles are classified by style and shape. These include:

Fascia Gutters

These gutters are most generally used with homes that are not using fascia boards over the rafts tails. These gutters offer a smooth face that perform what the fascia boards are supposed to do which include blending with the rafter tail edges and hide them from being seen. They are the most commonly used gutter systems available today.

K Style Gutters

These gutters are popular variants of gutters today and are made from five inch aluminum. They get their name due to the fact that the SMACNA considers this model number eleven or K, in the list of available gutters today. This model offers unique decorative molded look. These gutters are also referred to as the Ogee gutters.

Half Round Gutters

The half round gutters are simple gutters that are half of a circle. They opened half of these gutters face the roof. These gutters are not very dependable when it comes to functionality. They are approximately half as deep as what the K5 gutters are so they do not level up very well and the debris that goes into the gutters are quick to overflow because of it. They do not feature a flat back and the gutter hangers need to be installed underneath the gutter in order to hold them up.

European Gutter

These gutters are made from copper which is a weathered metal. These gutters are the old-style gutters. They are distinguished by the gutter bead that bends toward the outside instead of the inside like other gutters. The European Gutter Systems are half round in style.

Gutter Construction

All gutters are created in two different ways. They are manufactured in sections or they are constructed seamlessly. Sectional gutters can be purchased in sections. These are the most commonly purchased gutters when doing it yourself. They are usually purchased at ten feet long. They snap into place and join together by sections that fit inside of each other. They all run to a downspout. The main drawback to using this type of guttering is that the sections can begin to separate or for some reason, they can leak.

Seamless gutters won’t leak because there are no seams to leak through. These sections are only joined at the inside corners as well as the outside corners. These gutters are made from aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. They are most commonly cut to custom length in order to fit snug. They are normally cut on site by a portable gutter machine that can cut the gutters to fit and then hung immediately.

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