Anchorage AK residential window cleaning/replacement services & commercial pressure washing

Anchorage is the most populated city in Alaska. It is situated in the southern central part of the state, at the mouth of the Cook Inlet. The city is located in a subarctic climate with the ocean being a big influence on the weather throughout the year. Most precipitation can occur during the late summer.

Affordable Residential Window Cleaning Service

Despite the cold weather, windows tend to get dirty with time. Cleaning the windows in your home is most likely not a chore that you enjoy. It’s grueling and very tedious trying to get through the entire chore without quitting. If you streak the window, you will have to continue to scrub it until it’s clean. A ladder is not the only thing you will need. You will also need to have a bucket, cloths, and a squeegee. You certainly don’t want to fall and get hurt but your windows need to be cleaned. It is best to plan on a full day of cleaning when you start this project. You may want to consider hiring a professional to come in and do the job for you. Who do you hire? You can search on the Internet to get a list of professionals in this field, along with numbers and possibly websites whenever possible.

While most Anchorage window cleaning companies will state that they can do the best job for you, it’s the excellent customer service reviews that you read about that makes a difference. You want to know:

  • Will the window cleaner look professional when they clean your windows?
  • Do they have a history of showing up and providing services as expected?

Hiring the Right Anchorage Window Cleaning Service

Consider these points in order to help you find the right company for you:

Does the Company Appear Professional?

You want a company to represent themselves in the best way possible. You want to know if they will be wearing a uniform, do they have a professional website, do they offer professional business cards and brochures? Is the estimate professional looking?

Do They Answer the Phone When You Call?

It is nice to have a beautiful website with options such as live chat however, it’s more important that you talk with someone live whenever you call during business hours. If there are any issues, who do you contact? Do you go on their website or is there someone direct you can call?

Are They Bonded and Insured?

It’s important that you company you hire is bonded so there is not any issues with taking responsibility whenever you need them to.

An insured company such as Gutters & Windows is willing to accept responsibility for the actions of their workers. They will most likely carry insurance that covers general liability, or the damage done to someone’s home or business and workers compensation, or coverage for someone who gets hurt while working on you or property. Most states have a general rule that states if a window cleaner gets hurt on your commercial property then the standard insurance policy will not cover them. Workers compensation will step in and provide coverages instead. You should check your states laws on that before you hire anyone. However, we ensure quality workmanship and have the requisite certification and licenses.