Window Washing


Using a professional window washing services offers you many benefits. Clean windows will keep the harsh weather out and let the light shine through. If your view from your window is beautiful, you will have more reason to look outside. Dirty windows can discourage you from looking out the window. When you use professional window washing services, you increase the life of your windows which can preserve your home even longer.

Over time, glass can diminish and weaken the panes but when you have your windows cleaned by a professional, you will be more aware of when your window panes are deteriorating and replace them as needed.  There are many contaminates that can wreak havoc on the glass and while this doesn’t happen overnight, it can be the reason why your panes are cracking or breaking easily. These factors include:

  • Sunlight
  • Acid rain
  • Sea spray
  • Hard minerals that are sprinkled on the window by a sprinkler system
  • Other sprays such as silicone, mortar, paint, and more

The most common threats to glass windows are the hard water and mineral deposits. This is why it’s important to have your windows cleaned professionally. When water runs off of services that are prefabricated, such as painted siding or wood stain, these mineral deposits will leave the surface and run down the glass over time. This can make it difficult to clean the window properly yourself, without the professional window washing that is recommended at least two times a year.

Window washing done by professionals is not always the cheapest way to clean the windows but, you will receive courteous professional service when you hire the professionals. Some services offered by professionals include:

  • Routine window washing and cleaning: When you clean your windows on a timely routine, you are able to protect your window and extend the life. Removing the dirt, dust, and other elements that can harm the windows over time can justify the expense.
  • Washing the window professional yields better results than if you tried to do it yourself. Using specially formulated window cleaner that can’t be purchased at any store will give the professionals an advantage to cleaning. If your windows are very dirty, you may spend an entire day doing something that professionals can do in a matter of a couple of hours.
  • Professional window cleaners can offer more affordable options when it comes to window cleaning. Depending on the services you choose, your cleaning can cost a minimal amount of money and the results will last. Professionals arrive with the proper equipment needed to clean windows. If you try and do it yourself, you may find that you don’t have everything you will need. If you don’t have a ladder, you may have to borrow one or even purchase one, costing you more money and having to hurry up to return the ladder before the end of the day. This will affect the results of your window cleaning.
  • Hiring a professional saves you time. You have a lot to accomplish in a day so it’s only fair that you hire a professional to help when you can.
  • Additional services can be offered when you hire a professional. Services such as pressure washing, house washing, gutter cleaning, roof spraying, drapery cleaning on site, painting your home, or home repairs and snow removal are just a few of the services that professional window cleaners may offer.
  • If your home has more than one level to it, you may want to consider how dangerous it can be to clean your windows. Accidents happen all the time. Our professionals know how to safely clean your windows and use the equipment they are trained to use.
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