Rates of Window Cleaning


One of the toughest jobs a homeowner has is cleaning windows inside and out. Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year but due to the complexity, windows are usually cleaned once a year instead. You can ease your pain and agony of doing it yourself and hire a professional to do it for you. With a professional that has a reputation of being dependable, honest, and always doing a good job, you can rest while your windows get squeegee clean.

If you try to clean your windows on a second or third floor, you may not realize just how dangerous this can be. From where you set your ladder to securing yourself for the height, there are many ways window cleaning up high can go wrong. While window cleaning by a Gutters & Windows professional is going to be an added expense, it may be one that you can’t afford not to do. We are a licensed and insured service that ensures that our client’s requirements are met completely.

It’s safe to say that a general window cleaning can cost around $200 with a smaller home and up to $400 for larger homes. There are several factors that can affect the average price you will pay, which includes:

  • Indoor window cleaning will depend on the types of blinds you use. Metal mini blinds can be removed from their brackets and taken out for pressure washing and soaked in order to remove grime and dirt that may not come off with a simple swipe.
  • Silky Roman shades and window blinds can also be removed from the window however they will need to be dry cleaned by a professional that specializes in this type of fabric.
  • Window coverings that are not fabric, such as plastic shades, can simply be soaked in bleach water for a while and then washed.
  • Fabric treatments that do not have a definite shape can be thrown in the washer to wash however, depending on the material, you may elect to dry clean them and have them pressed instead. This will prevent any shrinking.
  • The number of windows in your home will be a determining factor as to the cost. The more windows you have to clean, the more your total will be.
  • Every professional has their own way of charging a customer. Some charge by the panes in the window while others charge by the square footage of your house.
  • Screens are an option that most professionals will consider cleaning for you. Screens can collect dust that will accumulate over time.

Tracks and Sills of the Windows

The sills and tracks can be filled with dead bugs, dust, and other debris over time. A professional cleaning your window will also offer you the option to clean your tracks and sills too. Our professionals ensure that we leave your windows clean, absolutely clean.

Mineral deposits

Mineral deposits that accumulate on your windows over time can make it difficult to get the window cleaned with simple over the counter window formula. Our professional will be able to clean the windows and handle the complete process for you.

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