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Pricing a professional to clean your gutters may seem like a struggle but it can be done. Some factors that can affect the prices you will pay for window and gutter cleaning includes what time of year you are requesting service, how often you are having your windows cleaned and how many windows you have in your home.

Your gutters should be cleaned out twice a year if you have a lot of trees around your home. When you have your windows and gutters cleaned by a professional, you will find that their quotes are certainly worth the efforts because they can be so much work.  If left untreated, water can clog up the gutter and cost you more money than you could imagine. Gutter cleaning quotes will depend on the following factors:

  • Is your home a single story home? A typical single story home that measures about 1,500 square feet can run you between $130 and $205.
  • Is your home a two story home? Most two story homes on average measure out to be 2,500 square feet which can cost between $145 and $240.
  • Is your home a three story home? If you have a basement then you will need to count the basement as a level that needs to be cleaned. This can cost between $250 and $450, and sometimes more.

Cleaning Windows

A professional that is hired to clean windows is going to do a good job. At Gutters and Windows, we give our customers an estimate that is fair. We consider how much work is involved before we give you a quote. All jobs are quoted with a price that is based on an hourly rate. There are discount packages that can be added on, if you need more than one service. The average cost of our quoted hourly rate can depend on factors such as:

  • How much glass is required to be cleaned
  • When was your last cleaning?
  • What type of blind do you have? Do you have Louver blinds or Colonial Glass?
  • How many stories’ is your home?
  • Do you need furniture moved during cleaning?
  • Are the fly screens/ security screens extremely dusty?

With over a decade of experience in working on all sized homes and buildings, Gutters & Windows is a completely ethical company, with strong adherence to state laws. We customize the cleaning packages based on the individual requirements and ensure that our customers are happy.

Pricing can be Determined Individually

Every quote on window and gutter cleaning has a price consideration that will include many factors. It’s important to have variables so you can adjust the cost that you pay out accordingly. It’s a fair way to get your windows cleaned or your gutters cleaned without worrying about overpricing. Special equipment like extension poles being used or how much water spots are on the window to remove will ultimately be considered when receiving a quote.

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