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Now, it’s definitely true that making an investment towards the installation of a gutter system could definitely be quite smart because of the benefits that they have to offer. It might seem like an expensive thing at first but when you are aware of the relevance and the importance, you will quickly see how good the decision actually is. Rain gutters are absolutely mandatory in every single household and their benefits are definitely significant and are difficult to be argued.

It is best to hire professional gutter service such as Gutters & Windows as we understand the nuances of installation, cleaning and repair of all types of gutters and downspouts. There are plenty of benefits of installing the rain gutters. These include:

  • Preventing the rain water from pouring in as well as around the house, hence preventing rotting and decay
  • The installation is going to prevent all other consecutive damage to the property like leaking and flooding
  • Prevents rain water from staining your walls and masonry
  • Preventing the rain water to cause the wooden window panes swell as well as break off which is definitely a dramatic damage to consider
  • Prevents standing water to accumulate and flood your basement

Common Gutter Problems

If some of the aforementioned issues take place, you might have to repair or replace the gutter system. Ideally, the expectancy of the average gutter is about 20 to 30 years, based on the way you maintain them as well as the overall local weather condition. Keep in mind that copper gutters can last for more than 50 years, for instance.

Debris Accumulation

  • The loose debris is going to decompose quickly, compressing into a rather solid and dampened sheet which is going to clog the gutter quickly.
  • Accumulated debris which is caused by clogged gutters is a potential fire hazard and have to be taken care of perfectly and on time.
  • It could just as well create a significant bridge over the top of the gutters which is capable of sending cascading water through the edge.

Damaged Clogged Gutters are capable of causing the following conditions:

  • Flooding of your basement
  • Cracking of the foundation and the settlement
  • Erosion of soil
  • Dry-rot on the fascia boards and the roof
  • Damage to the paint job
  • Window as well as siding and door damage
  • Mold Damage

Common Causes of Gutter Damage

  • Formation of Ice
  • Infestation of Pests
  • Stains caused by overflowing as well as rusting spikes
  • Damage by trees and storms
  • Leaning ladders
  • Seams which have split apart

Some of the gutter installers as well as the manufacturers are going to place a warrantee and that’s something that you want to check in advance.


Regardless of the kind of gutter system that you use, the gutters and the roof are going to need proper maintenance. If you have open rain solutions they need to be cleaned at least two times every year – in the spring when the trees start to bud and drop the flower pollen and in the fall, when the leaves of the trees start to fall down.

If you have a low-sloped roof, the truth is that a leaf-protection system is also not going to stop debris from accumulating on the roof so make sure that you pay the proper maintenance. A simple clean-up with the broom every once in a while should suffice.

Keep in mind, though, that cleaning your gutters and brushing the debris off of your roof is without a doubt a hard task to handle and you shouldn’t let your guards down as it could be very dangerous. It is going to require strength as well as agility to maintain your own personal safety and you also want to ensure that you have the necessary climbing protection.

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