Gutter Replacement


Gutters are one of the essential expenses that preserve your home from water damage. You can get the best guttering system for your home and you clean it on a regular basis. But with time, you might find that there is sagging or presence of crooks and dents that can affect the flow of the water. It’s time to consider a gutter replacement.

Checklist Of Signs Of Wear And Tear

Before you spend any money on replacements, first determine if you need the replacement to begin with. Here are some gutter replacement signs that can help you determine that:

  • First check the corners of the gutter system to see if there are any leaks or wear and tear that is obvious. If you see any leaks or tears, it’s time to consider a new system.
  • Observe the gutter system to determine if they are hung well. If you see the gutter is sagging in an area or dipping down from weight of debris, you may want to get it replaced.
  • After a rain, observe your gutters to determine if there is water flowing over the edge of the gutters. This could indicate that there is something clogging up the system or you may have a separation.

Is Replacement Needed?

Once you have determined that a replacement is necessary, you will most likely want to purchase an upgraded system from the one that you have in place currently. This will ensure that your gutter system will last longer and endure more weathering. Because there are so many gutter systems to choose from, here are a few helpful hints to select the right one for you. When figuring out how much your gutter system will cost you to replace, you can estimate it by this solution: a 1000 square foot home will need 100 feet of gutter line.  In order to determine how much this will cost, you will first need to determine what material your gutter system will be made from. Here are a few examples to choose from.

Copper Gutters – These are the most expensive of guttering systems however they are extremely good quality so you can ensure years of dependable gutters. If you want to replace your current gutters with copper ones, you will find that copper don’t rust and they last the longest of gutters. Copper has another benefit; they will expand and shrink to adjust to the temperatures. If you want to use copper gutters, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12.00 to $25.00 per linear foot. So if you need 100 square foot of gutters around your home, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1500 and $3,000 which also includes the cost of labor.

Aluminum is another choice in gutter systems. Aluminum is the most often chosen because the material to make gutters from aluminum is more affordable than other materials. The only problem with using this type of gutter is that you can expect to maintain and repair them often because they are not capable of expanding and shrinking like copper. To estimate the cost of aluminum gutter replacement, you can figure it out by this: 100 square foot of aluminum gutter can range from $500 to $1,200 which also includes the cost of labor so that equals to about $4 to $9 per linear foot.

Vinyl gutters, also known as PVC gutters are very affordable and chosen by those who want to do the gutter system themselves. These gutters are light weight so they are manageable. To install vinyl gutters is not going to be complicated or expensive. Before you choose these gutters, consider where you live because the climates can affect how long the gutters will last. When put through harsh climates, these gutters can chip and break. If the weather is warmer most of the time, vinyl is the way to go. You can expect to pay $3.00 to $5.00 per linear foot so it would cost $400 to $600 to replace 100 square feet of gutters.

Steel gutters are another option for gutters. Steel is the strongest material you can buy for gutter systems. If you live in a climate with harsh temperatures that becomes extremely cold, then steel may be the best choice. Steel is somewhat expensive, equaling to about $8.00 to $10.00 per linear foot which could run you between $900 and $1,200 to do 100 square feet of gutter. This estimate includes labor and other costs.

You could go with the system that you are currently using, just replace it with new materials or you can choose from another option as mentioned above. The point is to replacement it with a gutter system that will last even longer than what you currently has on now.

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