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One chore that is constantly on the list of things to do around the home is gutter repair. Repairing the gutters as needed and maintaining the gutters is one of the ways you can keep expenses of owning a home down. It’s not always easy to be motivated to clean and maintain the gutters but a little time invested in it and you will reap the benefits.

Tips for Maintaining Gutters

Gutters need to be maintained so that they don’t need to be repaired constantly. It’s very important that regular maintenance be performed, even though it is on your days off. In the long run, your efforts will save you money in the future. During the rainy season, you will be feel better knowing that your gutters are not clogged with leaves and debris that could separate your gutters or redirect the water down to your foundation. Here’s what you need to know about maintenance of gutters:

  • Clean and unclog your gutters: When you take the time to clean the debris that clogs up your gutters, you allow the rain to run smoothly down the spouts and redirect it from the foundation of your home, saving you lots of money in home repairs. A little time and they can be cleaned and running free.
  • Mark regular gutter checks on your calendar so you don’t forget to do it. You can’t stop the rain but you can make it easier to flow from the top of your home down to the ground. Check for any loose nails and panels that could indicate a separation is going to occur in the future. If they are loose, any amount of rain or ice is going to cause a problem.
  • Check the downspouts: The downspouts are going to redirect the rain from the roof to somewhere away from your home’s foundation. If you notice that the downspouts are separated somewhere, then it will need to be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid the water going to the driveway, the porch, or even your landscape.
  • Edges need to be in place. Over time, the edges are usually the first part of the gutter system that comes loose and separates. Keeping a close watch on the edges and ensuring that they are supported correctly will ensure that water flows where it’s supposed to go.

Common Gutter Repairs

The main job of the gutter system is to collect the rain water and direct it off the roof and down away from the home to avoid any damage. Water damage can occur over a long period of time. In order to direct the water away from your home, the gutter system will need to be repaired. It is best to work with a licensed and insured company like Gutters & Windows to ensure that only licensed and trained technicians work on them. The rain gutter repairs include:

  • Replacing or repairing any loose gutter parts or parts that may be missing. These need to be repaired as quickly as possible in order to avoid further damage done to the structure of your home.
  • Leaks: The weather that includes strong winds, harsh storms, and lots of rain can work a part of the gutter system loose. It’s important that the gutters be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Due to wear and tear: If your home is located in a climate the leaves your gutters exposed to extreme heat in the summer and cold frigid temperatures during the winter, then you can expect the normal wear and tear of your gutter system over time. Regularly servicing your gutters can be vital in a long term gutter system.
  • Downspouts break over time. Downspouts are the curved elbow looking parts that you can find attached at the bottom of the gutter. The purpose of the downspouts is to allow water to deposit away from the homes structure, normally into some type of vegetation or vessel. If these downspouts become broken, the water will flow directly into a puddle around the house. Depending on the climate, the water puddle can remain causing the water to become stagnant and contaminated, which welcomes inspects to breed. This is the main reason why you should repair downspouts immediately.

Follow these basic maintenance tips to keep your gutters looking their best and functioning like new. Immediate gutter repairs help in extending the life of the gutter system and saving you money on home repairs.

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