Gutter Covers


Gutter guards play an important role in keeping your gutters cleaned. They allow the water to flow with ease through the bottom of the gutters and prevent any debris from standing inside the gutter and start a pile up of debris.

Importance of Gutter Covers

Over the years, proper gutter maintenance has played an important role in homeowners, growing more and more every day. Because this type of home maintenance can save money over home repair, homeowners are finding that gutter cleaning can cost between $50 and $250 but the money saved is so much more.

Gutter guards are also known as leaf protection products because of their importance in home maintainable. These products are always carried by the professionals that provide a selection of materials for roof and gutter cleaning. The effectiveness of each can depend on the quality of the material and the product itself. These are considered add-on devices that are made to fit over any existing gutters so you don’t have to change what is already in place. There are some gutters guards that you can purchase that will required that you replace the gutters you have on your home now.

One-Piece Gutter Guard and Gutter Cover Systems

LeafGuard Brand is the only one-piece gutter and gutter guard/cover offered. The design of this gutter guard directs rainwater to go down and around the curved hood and then into the gutter. While directing the rainwater, it deflects the leaves and debris so they don’t get trapped inside the gutter causing build up. The gutters are seamless and come in a roll form that is made from a single sheet of metal. It is attached to the fascia board that has hidden hangers and screws.

Gutter Screens

Normally aluminum or plastic screens can be installed on the top of an open gutter on the home. These screens keep the leaves and debris from going into the gutter. They are normally pre-cut into certain lengths and are placed on and held by either clips or screws. To install the gutter guards, here is a break-down of cost you can expect to pay:

  • Materials – These guards can cost as little as $3.00/ per three foot section or up to $20 per foot. The reason why it varies in price so much is due to the materials that are used to make them. These screens can be purchased in a wide array of designs to suit your home decor. To completely do your home with guards can cost between $200 or as much as $3600.
  • Labor – If you are not familiar with gutter guard installation, you may want to hire a professional to do it for you. This will cost you approximately $255 or more in labor for about six hours of work.
  • Gutter Company options – Shop around and see what gutter companies have to offer. Sometimes the cost of installation is more affordable in one direction than it is in another. Installation can cost as little as $6.00 per linear foot and that equals to around $1500.00 total.

Gutter Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Cleaning the Gutters – Your gutter guard system will do away with the need to clean your gutters one or two times each year because they will prevent any large sized debris and leaves to become trapped in the gutter. Over time though, the smaller particles that fell through the gutter guards will become trapped and possibly build up so you may need to at least check it once a year to ensure a good running flow. You can do this by running a hose through the top of the gutter in order to flush out any debris that may be accumulating.

Screens for downspouts: When you use gutter guards, you may want to try using downspout screens as well. These screens will redirect the floating debris so that it doesn’t continue in the water and the water can flow freely.

Heating tape – Heating elements can be tricky because some heating elements may not be effective to water. A good heating tape will prevent ice from developing on the top of your roof and inside your gutter system. Observe places in your gutter where you notice the ice accumulating and that is where you need to install heating tape.

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