Gutter Cleaning Prices

Are you wondering whether your gutter cleaning company is being honest regarding their prices? We have prepared a simple and quick guide on how to know whether you are getting a cost-efficient service.

What is it That You Are Giving your Money for?

The regular cleaning services of the kind are going to clean nests, sticks, dirt, leaves and other debris. They are going to bag the waste and dispose of it neatly. Once everything is cleaned, they are going to flush the entire system in order to ensure that the downpipes are also fully operational. Certain markets are going to have other additional perks included in the package. You can ask about Gutter Cleaning Prices and whether it entails the company is going to reseal end caps, repair problem areas, tighten the fasteners or inspect the entire system and whether these are included in the price.

The Regular Cost:

Breaking it off neatly suggests the following:

  • For homes with 150 linear feet of gutters – $70 to $200 – single story
  • For homes with 160-180 linear feet – $90 to $225 – single story
  • For homes with 200 linear feet – $100 to $250 – two story

Price Hiking – The Common Causes

Basically, the gutter cleaning prices vary and depend upon varied aspects. Now, it’s also true that you might have to pay a little extra in certain situations including:

  • If the home has three stories this could add an additional $75 to $200 to the initial price. This is due to the excessive work as well as for the equipment that’s going to be used for the safety of the workers.
  • Landscaping – if there are larger bushes and trees which do not allow the technician to move freely and require him to spend additional time and effort.
  • Gutter screens – if you need to get these removed and installed once again, that’s likely to increase the cost a bit as it’s going to add working hours.
  • Dramatically clogged downspouts

Story and Foot Pricing System

Now, usually the majority of companies would use a standard calculation which is going to weigh in the length of the gutters and the height of the house. For instance, a company can charge $2 per linear foot on 2-story buildings and only $1 on single-story units. This could actually spare you quite a few bucks as it’s a flexible system which weighs in critical factors.

The Square Foot Formula

That’s also something which is used by companies to calculate the price. However, deciding on whether you should use it or not is rather tricky. If a large part of your property consists of separate buildings with a lot of gutters, this could be a good idea.

Why use a professional?

The truth is that it is increasingly easy to stumble upon an unqualified amateur who is looking to make some good money through proper gutter repair or cleaning. Even though that’s most certainly possible and the person could actually be well aware of the specifications, the majority of the situations wouldn’t be like this. You need a professional gutter cleaning company that is licensed and insured and is aware of the details, specifications and the ins and outs of the endeavor. That’s why you want to hire a professional gutter technician. This is not something very expensive in the first place but is something that could actually save you a considerable amount of money.


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