Gutter Cleaning


Even though the truth is that gutter cleaning is a tedious task, it’s something to be handled, if you want to maintain the overall condition of your home. They are going to drive away water from the foundation and exterior of your house, and if you neglect them, this could lead to some serious issues like foundation cracks, rotten wood, basement flooding and what not. These damages are not only dangerous, but also expensive to handle. That’s why you want to maintain clean gutters and avoid the costs of home repairs.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Now, if you feel like that’s not something you can handle, you can easily hire a gutter cleaning company to do it for you. This is, in fact, the better option as it’s going to guarantee professionalism and proper work. The prices are going to vary based on the size:

  • Cleaning of a 1,500 sq. foot single-story house is between $75 and $200
  • Cleaning of a ranch style house of 2,000 square feet or approximately 180 linear feet of gutters is going to cost you between $95 and $225
  • If you have 200 linear feet of gutter the price can get up to $250.
  • You also have additional costs. For instance, if you have a three-story home, you can add between $75 and $200 to the service.

If your gutters are thoroughly clogged and hard to handle, the price can go up to $500 for the excessive time and amount of work. The gutter service should also include the cleaning of the leaves as well as the debris which are clogging the system as well as flushing the system and bagging the waste. Prior to hiring a team, make sure that they will include this in their quote. You can also check if they are going to tighten the fasteners as this is usually thrown as a bonus.

Permanent Alternatives

The truth is that gutter cleaning could be evidently expensive. You need to clean them at least three times a year and with an average cost of about $200 per cleaning. You can expect nearly a thousand dollars in expenses over the years. There is, however an alternative – the gutter protection system. This is going to allow only water to get in without any leaves or debris.

Now, there are a few things to consider when researching the gutter guards. Some units have larger holes, gaps as well as openings which are going to allow debris and dust to get in as well – you should stay away from them. Make sure to use a guarding system which has a micromesh filter. Throughout the installation, our professional will clean the downspouts in order to ensure the optimal performance.

At Gutters & Windows, we understand all aspects of clean gutters and the process to ensure that it stays that way. We are a licensed, insured and bonded service, willing to go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Call us today and let us help you.

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